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THE world of photography has changed more and faster during the last ten years than in any other decade of its history. As it has become cheaper and easier to make better pictures, the use of the camera—one of the symbols of contemporary social evolution—has spread to new masses. Professional photography has equally grown in dimension and scope • serving commerce and industry. News photography is now an ever-present witness to events everywhere. Photographic materials provide the most efficient means of recording and documentation in nearly all fields of business and professional activity. Contemporary reproduction and printing are unthinkable without them. New - methods of education and tools of perception are based on their use. Photography helps in pioneering research far beyond the limitations of sight. Cameras observe, isolate and interpret; they hold on to passing time, vary its pace and look into the unknown. Photography, which used to mean just "taking pictures", now provides the most penetrating and all-embracing medium of communication and under-standing by images.
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