viernes, 26 de abril de 2013


Acabo de rescatar este libro. Es un buen momento para volver a leer libros de FOTOGRAFÍA de laboratorio, la de toda la vida, la del cuarto oscuro y químicos que huelen a demonios.
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"This is one of the best basic books on photography available. The author covers all aspects of photography with the authority and knowledge of 25 years as a photographer and instructor. He gives numerous examples showing why prints turn muddy, exposures go wrong and lighting comes out bad—all with illustrations of good and bad results. The reader has at his fingertips the keys to correcting faults in his own work. Vestal's technical explanations are leavened with philosophical observations that are pertinent to the subject and help the reader with a multi-dimensional view of what he is doing and why."
—The New York Times
"This book is a comprehensive guide to black and white photography and the author who has been in the business for more than 25 years has done a first rate job. "It's packed with information for the novice who doesn't know an 'f'-stop from a stop bath, and for the camera nut who wants to make better pictures. "Among the special features are: detailed discussions of equipment; step by step instructions for developing film, filing negatives and mounting and storing prints. "No matter how long you've been taking photos you're bound to enrich yourself by reading this book. It's a complete systematic course in black and white technique for beginners and advanced students alike." —San Francisco Examiner
"If there are things about black-and-white photography that David Vestal has not revealed in his new book, we can't imagine what they are. Vestal, a well-known photographer and teacher, tells in nearly 400 densely packed pages everything you need to know about cameras, lenses, light meters, darkrooms, films, and all the esoterica that go into producing a fine photograph." —MBA
HARPER & ROW, PUBLISHERS Cover design by Alfred Manso ISBN: 0-06-090622-7